Friday, January 23, 2015

Covering IT all up

As the title to my blog states I am over forty and married. So I have been around for awhile and I have had 4 kids so I know that over time my face and body have went from cute and sassy to older and fat frumpy bigger then I used to be. I AM still sassy but bigger then I used to be or ever dreamed of being.

o.k. let me premise this post by saying that this all came up from a trip to Ross yesterday.
let me premise that by saying I spend most of my time at home. I literally leave during the week just to pick up the kids from school.

So yesterday to fix a problem (which I will explain later) I decided to go to Ross to pick up some stuff for my daughters room. I put my hair up and left the house wearing my sweats. I know mistake number 1!!!!!! I did have eye make-up on, and my hair up in a bun and gosh damn I was comfy, mistake #2....

O.k. Sweats at home is cool (says me) and they aren't oversized sweats - they were fitted and didn't sag (mistake #3) so I go shopping and gather my stuff and as I am walking to the front registers I see myself in a long bodied mirror...oh geezus....I mean c'mon. Comfort is definitely NOT in style. First of all, the fit on the sweats was snug and really hugged my curves in all the wrong places. My long sleeved shirt was laying nicely above my bum and the shirt was snug in the front so it showed off my lumps (I refuse to call them rolls-because there is nothing tasty about them)

I got hot and sweaty as I made my way to the front just embarrassed really - then I realized something-At my age sometimes you need some cover up.

Like sometimes you need to put on face make-up and concealer to cover up the dark circles and bags (tip#1) if you have lumps its a good idea to own some sort of spanx item. I have a bunch but don't wear them inside the house but again when you leave the house for ME, I think I am going to start wearing them just to keep my lumps in check. I would like to look put together so on that off chance that I see someone from and old life I wont feel out of whack. I just want to look presentable.

 It doesn't mean you are conforming to society's view on beauty and going against "Natural Beauty" not at all. It just means that you take pride in your appearance. Besides I feel prettier and have a bit more confidence when I look good and not just "COMFY"

Anyway this is just my perspective. But at 44 I feel I feel better when I look better. For me that means covering it up - my face and my mid section.
Don't they say that the first step in recovery is acknowledging that you have a problem.
My name is Tina and I have to wear make-up and wear spanx and I am o.k. with that.
Here's to looking good.

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