Friday, January 2, 2015


Hi and welcome to my NEW blog. I have been blogging for around 6 years under various names, blog names that is and I guess you can call it my personal journey/attempt at figuring out who I am and figure out what I am all about and what I want to write about. I am a true crafter at heart so I will keep my other blog alive and post fun arts & crafts projects as frequently as possible but I am first and foremost a mom, wife and most definitely over 40.

My idea for this blog came from (true story) sitting on the toilet doing my thing & I was flipping through the November issue of Cosmo and was lustfully looking at the all the cool clothes, checking out all the beautiful make-up perfectly placed on those super skinny models. I skimmed over some of the articles like the one about "Having the best Orgasm, everytime." When I read the title and a few of the paragraphs, I closed the magazine and thought to myself, "What the hell?" Who writes this stuff? Or am I completely disillusioned in thinking that Cosmopolitan is for "MARRIED WOMEN OVER FORTY?"

Surely, the writers target young women in the 20's and early 30's or maybe early 40 womens who are divorced or never been married. O.k. that makes more sense because then it was just a choice error on my part. I mean really, Tina, what were you thinking? First of all I am not skinny, I am not a pasty white color, I don't have blonde. straight or thin hair. I can't afford any of the designer clothes in the magazine and besides where would I wear them. I am afterall, a stay-at-home mom for peets sake. No but really, the PTA at our school barely wears more than sweats, let alone carrying a Michael Kors bag. Don't get me wrong, I go out just no where really fancy. Does that make me a wickedly boring, safe person?

After that cringe worthy revelation - that I am too old and NOT single enough to indulge in reading Cosmo, I decided to look around for a magazines that target my age group. There are only a few, unless you consider Domino, Bon Appetite and Sunset magazine categories in my age group? The closest thing to fashion magazines that I found were catalogs for clothes such as.......

That's when I decided that I wanted to write a blog that talks about issues that most 40 something, married moms go through, are going through, and perhaps we can help each other. The best advice comes from people who have gone through the same thing and can share their views and outcomes with others.

That's my intention anyway. I can hope and keep my fingers crossed that things go as planned.

Now let me tell you about myself. I am over 40 and married. I have 4 beautiful kids and am married to my best friend. I consider myself to be funny and loyal but too straight forward. I cuss a lot but will try to hold my tongue here. I am very opinionated and vey forceful but considerate. I can dish it out pretty good but have a thick skin so I can take it too.

I hope you find a place to open up and share - I love feedback but only good please. I mean we don't want to cut anyone up here, me or you.

thanks for reading now lets have some fun.

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