Wednesday, January 7, 2015


I usually have high expectations about anything I do, like hanging out with friends, vacations, date nights, shopping, being with family, you get the jist!!!
I realize that I set myself up for doom with that type of mind set going in...but its in my nature!
I could delve deeper into my own life, you know my life NOW, my husband and my kids, etc...but today I wanted to talk about something I heard on the radio January 3rd.
I heard the DJ's discussing what they were looking forward to or expecting from the New Year. A couple said they already new it was going to be better then last year. One person said they didn't know what to expect, and another 2 believed that it couldn't possibly be as bad as last year and weren't sure how deep into 2015 they would get before they could say whether or ot it was better then last year.
I sat in my car dumb founded. First of all thousands of people listen to the radio in the morning, why not take the approach that this year was gonna be THEE year. Why make such a beginning be sort of a let down. I mean really its
a New Year, New Beginning, another chance to make things better then before.
I choose to think of it as MY

I mean really. So last year was slow, things didn't go as planned, I didn't lose 50 pounds, I didn't win the publisher's clearing house, we lived paycheck to paycheck, I made some stupid mistakes, but I think 2014 was WAY better then 2013. That I know for sure. And 2014 wasn't bad it just didn't go as I had written out but I mean really does it ever. I loved 2014, we as a family went on 4 vacations, we ate out a lot (hence the not losing weight)  we I shopped a lot and bought things that I didn't need (hence living paycheck to paycheck) see I recognize what I did wrong last year so I am already pre-set to succeed by not making the same mistakes.
New Beginnings
This year is going to be amazing. I feel it. I have the mind set that I will put myself out there and accomplish what I set out to do. I didn't set myself to fail by making a list of resolutions rather I made a list of goals/plans
I don't have lose weight or join a gym what I DO have is exercise & eat better
I don't have plans to save 100.00 a month but I DO have buy less and only what we need,
We will only go on one big vacation this year not 4 (duh?)
I will try and get into 2 new craft shows this year (put myself out there) and I will create art that I LOVE not what I think others will LOVE...I will be a better me...a better mom and a better wife
See all attainable! It's my year! I will succeed.

I wish you the best year ever and hope you get your goals accomplished too.
I will post my successes and failures and keep trying.

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