Saturday, January 3, 2015

Bad words

This is truly something I try to teach my girls. However, I have neither style nor grace so its probably a mute point. I am probably a bad example when teaching lady like behaviors. But I do and try and remind them to not spit, curse, or trash talk people because it makes them look un lady-like, which is unattractive. I tell them when they are 20 years old they can cuss but never around their parents, I tell them there is never a reason for a girl to spit and trash talking is just mean and they should never be "That Mean Girl" its just plain ugly and mean...
For the most part they get it and agree.
But recently my 14 year old daughter used the F-word on the phone with my husband in exsaspiration over a school situation - his response was to say "Hey watch your mouth." Hmm not sure it was enough - then today she opens up her McDonalds bag for lunch and notices they gave her BBQ sauce rather then the Sweet & sour sauce she requested and responds, "What the HELL." this time I was right next to her and slapped her shoulder and told her to "Watch her mouth" then said, "next time its across the face, you have been warned." She apologized and said she was just angry and I proceeded to tell her to wait until she is older to cuss and never in front of me and dad...
Shit, don't they get that its so unattractive when girls cuss?
Don't know where she gets it? {wink wink} I take full responsibility!!!
I am a work in progress! guess its true when they say
Do as I say NOT as I do!!!!

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  1. Had a little chuckle reading your post as I can totally relate! Just the other day I heard my 14 year old curse and when I told her to watch her mouth, she replied (under her breath), "you do it all the time". Whaaa? I told her that when she's an adult she can say what she pleases, but until then... "Do as I say and not as I do!" LOL