Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Marriage - what I dreamed of

I think that when we are young we learn what makes a good marriage from either seeing our parents relationship and or other family members around us. Personally, I saw the relationship my folks had and used them as an example for both what I wanted to be and what I absolutely would not do or tolerate from my partner.

 I knew I wanted to have a nice home and I knew I did NOT want to work after I had kids (although) I didn't know it once I was married, I actually had to be talked into staying home by my mom when the time came for me to care for my baby girl...crazy I know...

I knew that I wanted to be married forever (my folks were married for 35+years) I was looking forward to growing old with the same man and I knew I wanted to laugh and have fun with my man  forever
I knew more then anything that I didn't want to get bored, that I didn't want to feel like I had to stay with him, I didn't ever want to see another man and lust after him, I never wanted our sex to get tired,
More then anything, above all, I wanted to LOVE my best friend FOREVER.
Being totally honest, I am on my second marriage. I mean now a days who isn't? But In all fairness, I knew all the things above but I was so young and I was looking for a way out of my folks  house and I had a baby and figured no one else would want me...STUPID I know that now.
So then when I went and fooled around for a few years - I always kept my eyes and heart open waiting for the right person, who I knew I would live happily ever after with...it took a few years but I found him and my guard stayed up for awhile. He had to work hard but I am so glad he perservered!!!! I am proud to say that 16 years later we are super happy, we don't fight about IMPORTANT things, not over money or jealousy, only things that irritate me & him, we laugh everyday, cuddle and kiss and say I love you daily. Our sex even, now in our 40+ is hotter then ever.
This marriage is exactly what I dreamed of way back then and feel very lucky to know what it is I wanted and what I wouldn't settle for.
I hope you have the marriage you have always wanted and dreamed of.
Happy Tuesday


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